Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

greek extra virgin olive oil 500ml A real diamond of the Greek land. The extra virgin olive oil. Each year, at every single harvest, we seek for the best and purest olive oil. Searching all over the country of Greece, from Crete to Halkidiki, we choose our producers very strictly. Every batch feeder is analyzed from Virgilliant's specialized staff, but furthermore samples are send to an outside chemical laboratory. The row material that will be chosen has to be fruity, grassy, with less than 0.5% acidity. Because we want only the best, every single time. For you. And for us.

The Virgilliant Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Produced from olives of different varieties, cultivated in the area of Olympus, is characterized  of intense taste and flavor, with medium to high bitterness and pungent. Ideal for more experienced olive oil consumers, matches perfectly with dishes of luscious flavors and spicy sauces. With an acidity range from 0.3% to 0.45%, depending on the year and the region of harvest, Virgilliant presents you an Extra Virgin Olive Oil , “pure as nature demands”.

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