Olympus mountain

A word that brings to mind thousand of pictures. Mount Olympus is the Land that ancient Greeks defined to be their 12 Gods home. Not accidentally as in ancient Greek Olympus means ultra bright. And it is indeed. Olympus is the place where nature aims to impress our senses through the colors, the odors, the land, the air and leads to a result more attractive than a masterpiece. The reason why we have chosen Mount Olympus for founding our company, is to be in the place where nature creates, inspires and presents its miracles.

Mount Olympus is an infrequent ecosystem consisted of rich and wild flora. More specifically, in its slopes, more than 23 endemic plant species can be found, which means that they thrive in no other place in the world. The microclimate of the area, in conjunction with the topography create ideal conditions for many plant species. In Olympus mountain olives from different varieties are cultivated as the area appears advisable for their growth.
In this land, we decided to establish Virgilliant and that is where the journey begins.

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