Why extra virgin olive oil at all?

laxanikaIt is a common question that comes to our mind, each time a commercial spot tries to convince us for the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our health, or our doctor recommends it.

I am not going to be a liar, I have caught myself several times saying ”come on, nothing is going to happen if I use butter to bake a couple of eggs”, or ”let’s put some pomace oil in the salad, no difference at all”.  At this point, I have to mention, that of course my intention is not to accuse any other fat or oil and put Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a panacea. Keeping a healthy life style is much more complicated, than just avoiding specific food groups, or consuming other as being a cure for everything.

Let’s check 5 reasons that answer the question Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil at all?

1. Your heart loves it! 

EVOO is an oil. As an oil, it contains the same calorie load and the same quantity of total fat as any other oil does. But the difference from the other oils is that from those fats, a very low amount consists of saturates, when monounsaturated fat is of the most to be found in it. There are hundreds of studies which connect the consumption of monounsaturated fat against saturated, in promoting a healthy cardio-vascular system.

2. More stable during frying procedure than any other oil is!

Thanks to its high content in vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant, EVOO is the most resistant from the oils, when exposing to high cooking temperatures. It has been proven, that it is even five times more stable than any other oil when frying!Why we should be concerned of that information? Because non-resistance in high temperatures, means that our cooking oil implodes and produces substances, harmful to our health.

3. Rich in antioxidants!

Vitamin E, carotenoids and phenolic compounds such as oleocanthal and oleuropein are some of EVOO’s substances with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Be sure, that your EVOO is standardized from a certified unit and prefer those who are cold-pressed with low acidity.

4. Pluralism in its varieties, blends and flavors!

History of olive oil production, goes back thousands of years, so its development in the existed varieties worldwide, has reached a high level.  Consumers have to decide between a huge range of different varieties or blends, each one with specifications in flavor and taste. Even if it is one with high bitterness and full-bodied taste, or a smooth-blend one, of moderate to medium intensity, it is for sure, that there are hundreds of types to satisfy the most discerning palates.

5. It is the most expensive from the oils!

Well, there has been no mistake here. This is what I intended to write. People tend to appreciate most what they have paid for. It seems funny, but I am sure that one who has spent a logical but bigger amount for an EVOO, is more likely to moderate its consumption and that is good news, not only for his pocket, but also for his health. Even if it really is a dietetic treasure, EVOO is still an oil and oils are famous of their calories. So, enjoy your Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in your salad,  cooking, or making your sauce  and be sure that your body will be grateful for that!

by Virgilliant Team

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