Why to buy Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

According to scientific findings, the first report worldwide regarding cultivation of olive trees, has been found in a Greek Village called Fyllia in 4.800 B.C. So Greeks, have a tradition and knowledge in cultivating olive trees and producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil that counts about 7.000 years!

For so many years the Greeks did not export their Extra Virgin Olive Oil, although its quality was equal and sometimes better to their competitors’. The explanation of this could be a topic for another article and there is no sense in analyzing it here.  The important part that should be mentioned, is that the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil has started to gain the reputation it deserves. I believe it has been less than 10 years since Greece’s entrepreneurs have started investing, seriously, at this field.

So why Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Because Greece’s climate conditions in combination to its geographical location, method of harvesting, technical knowledge, tradition, olive tree varieties, cultivation culture etc, contribute to a successful production of extra virgin olive oil with unique qualitative characteristics, that in many cases is used in order to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of extra virgin olive oil of other olive tree varieties around the world. Because Greeks nowadays not only invest in exporting qualitative Extra Virgin Olive Oil but also invest in nice packaging and innovative design. Because, nevertheless, the market is crowded of Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  Greek brands have a lot of potential in conquering the market share they deserve.

So, this is how Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been bottled into delicate and classy designed packaging and has started travelling around the world in order to decorate shelves of the most famous delicatessen stores.

By Virgilliant Team

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