Why Virgilliant has chosen to reside in Olympus mountain


Virgilliant ‘s facilities reside in a small town called Litohoro,  on the foothills of the mythical  mountain Olympus in northern Greece.

It is the highest mountain of Greece and the second in the Balkans.

But why Olympus?

For Virgilliant, Olympus Mountain represents the brilliance, the majesty, the virginity and the pureness.

The shape and volume of Olympus, the morphology, the charm of its landscapes and the peaks that hit the sky and surpass the clouds, filled people with admiration and respect to it, from ancient times.

Inspired of its breathtaking beauty and its imposing presence, the ancient Greeks posed  the placas the homeland of the Twelve Greek Gods. 

At Olympus mountain there are 52 peaks, the highest of which is Pantheon -today known as Mytikas , 2.918 m/ 9.573ft height, which is 263 km far from Athens, the capital of Greece. According to Greek Mythology, Pantheon, used to be gods’ palace and meeting place.

As far as its morphology is concerned, Olympus contains many imposing and splendid features, some of which are rocky peaks, endless canyons, alpine landscapes and forests that cover its slopes and ornate it with vivid green colors. All these characteristics create a scene of unique beauty and rare majesty.

Regarding biodiversity,  in Olympus there are about 1.700 species and subspecies. Among them, 56 are Greek endemic of which 23 are local endemic. That means that they can be found only in Olympus.

All those features attract ,every year, thousand of visitors who love to explore its beauties and some of them choose to reach its peaks through hiking. Well organized refuges offer accommodation, for those who need to experience a night on the mountain.

The usual starting point to access Mt Olympus peaks is Litohoro. For Virgilliant team, the metaphoric meaning of Litohoro being the entrance to Olympus majesty, was the major factor to reside its facilities there.

 By Virgilliant Team

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